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Darkroom Electronics:

The RH products are practical tools; they eschew pointless specifications. They are a joy to use and they have helped hundreds of photographers around the world achieve printing excellence. Their designs were shaped by our complete knowledge of photographic materials and our customer’s experiences over the years. These quality designs are made to last and have undergone many evolutionary improvements over a 15-year period and are now considered mature.

In 2013 Richard Ross retired from manufacturing and distributing RH Products and they are now made and sold under license by second-hand darkroom supplies

As such, my services as a design and software engineer are no longer retained. I am able, however, to offer a calibration service for Analyser and ZoneMaster customers for a fee of £15 for a single paper type, of £10 per paper if you require multiple papers to be calibrated.

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Way Beyond Monochrome:

In Jan 2011 the second edition of ‘Way Beyond Monochrome’ had its second printing with Focal Press, just 5 months after its launch.  This 560-page tour-de-force is even more successful than the 1st edition and is exceeding all sales projections. Bizarrely the 1st edition is still sells on Amazon for over £100. In 2017 Focal press plan to slight reduce the book size from 10x10 to 9x9 inches and introduce a soft cover to allow them to print in multiple locations and save on book miles.

The Astrophotography Manual:

After 30 years in the darkroom, I left the lights turned off and diverted my attention to the tricky subject of Digital Astrophotography. I discovered that the available publications just did not provide the necessary information to be successful and so I wrote my own. The result is the highly acclaimed The Astrophotography Manual. Details can be found on my separate website .

Chris Woodhouse BSc. MEng. ARPS FRAS

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